Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF getting ready for the weekend

This weekend I probably will not get to sew much. Work on Saturday will keep me busy until 1pm or so, then back home and do more yard work. Those pesky weeds will not stop growing!

Sunday I will helping out at the San Mateo County Fair selling opportunity tickets to win a quilt the Pacifica Quilters Group has created. Shannon and I will probably spend most of the day at the fair.

Of course I will do my 15 minutes of sewing in the mornings, as always. This morning I sewed the 5 blocks I owe to Shirley for wining the lottery. They turned out very nice! I just need to press them and mail them off.

This weekend I will get photos of the UFO's I have waiting for completion and post them. Not much else going on today. Just glad it is Friday finally and the weekend is almost here.

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