Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEWS ALERT: I don't do buttons!

Why is it that when people know that you like to quilt, they want you to hem pants or sew on buttons?  Listen up people: I  DON'T DO BUTTONS OR HEM UP PANTS/DRAPES/SKIRTS!!

There, I got that out of my system....I have a pair of my DH's pants waiting to be hemmed hiding somewhere under a pile of UFO's. They have been there for so long I bet he forgot about them being there. (I sure have) I even have a shirt of his that needs buttons sewn back on.  If my family really needs to have something altered, they should take it to the cleaners and have them do it.  I might take a few days, months or even years to get the article altered.  It might not ever happen.   

Don't buy a dress that is too big just because you really like the color and then expect me to fix it for you.  Don't buy pants that are too long and hand them to me to shorten them up so you can wear them to the dance this weekend.  When you lose 30 pounds don't even think about asking me to take in all your clothes.  

My son bought some curtains that were WAY too long for his apartment. "Mom, can you hem these up?" Silly me, I agreed to do them.  Last night he called and said "You have had the drapes for three weeks now...when are they going to get done?"  UGH!  ungrateful child.

I bought some fabric tape and used that so I wouldn't have to sew them up.  I will finish them up later but for now that will suffice!

If you want a quilt for a friend's baby, or for another loved one, I can do that.  I would love to do that!  I just won't sew on any buttons....



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Yes, I agree whole heartedly!

You could cut the edge of the curtains with pinking shears and tell your son it is the current rage ... "raw" edge decor ... very urban and excuse the pun ... cutting edge! ><><><><><><>< ... same goes for shortening jeans. Fray ... let those edges fray a little ... kidding. Hmmm, you could always use a stapler too to hem those curtains and let him know that look is very Hot Topic looking - edgy! Ha, ha, ha. Kidding.