Friday, December 29, 2006

Sewing machine Woes

I was quilting on my machine and broke it! UGh I still had stuff to sew for Christmas presents. Oh well, I called my daughter to borrow her machine. She brought it over and it wouldn't work either! Getting other stuff sewed was not in my agenda apparently.
I took my machine in and they said it was the timing mechanism, and it would cost $89.95 to get it fixed. YIKES! oh well, I picked up the machine yesterday and it works like a dream now. And it is very quiet. It wasn't quiet before. I wonder if the timing has always been "out". Natasha's machine needed a new foot pedal. She picked that up as well. We both have working machines and are ready to sew again. She plans on making Elizabeth a baby quilt for the new baby (due in March or April - I forget which). I am very happy she plans on continuing with making quilts. Chuck & Penny were very happy with the quilt she made them for Christmas. (her first quilt she finished ever)

I will be sewing up a storm in 2007. I need to quilt all the tops I have in the garage just sitting there waiting for me to finish them up and give away. I think I have about 15 tops that need to be quilted! Then there is all the fabric I have that needs to be sewn into quilt tops....hee hee


See ya.....Piece!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Block of the month started last night

I passed out the instructions for the first block last night at the guild meeting. If you are interested in the BOM here is a link to where you can look at it and get info from there.

This should be a great challenge for all.

See Ya - piece!

Monday, December 18, 2006

My F8 blocks

These are the blocks that the ladies in my group made for me. Aren't they great? I can't wait to get the other 4 done and make this wallhanging for my family room.

I hope eveyone is as happy with their blocks as I am with mine.

I was quilting away on my regular sewing machine last night (the sunburned zebra is still on the frame) and it broke! UGH It won't pick up the bobbin thread. So now I am finishing the quilting with the big machine but it has no feed dogs so I have to move it manually. At least I have that one so I can finish this quilt up.

I have been working so hard at finishing up Christmas presents but it still looks like I won't get them all done. UFO's are ok to give, aren't they? LOL. I think if I dedn't have to work I would get them all done....hmmm do you think hubby will go for this idea? NO!

see ya.....Piece!