Monday, November 20, 2006

the Fat Eighth Swap

Yesterday, to continue with my 20 minutes a day (at least!), I worked on one of the blocks for the BOM I am hosting for the guild. I also worked on and finished three (YES I SAID 3) blocks for the Fat Eighth swap I am also hosting. I made one with paper piecing a palm. It turned out so nice!! I can't wait to send these off, but will have to wait until Dec. 15 (or is it the 10th? Geez the mind is the first thing to go, ya know?) This swap is great. I am going to make a wall hanging for the office/family room with my blocks. I might have to make more though. I will only get back 5, as I am only in one group of 6 women. If I make 4 more blocks, then I can have a 3 block x 3 block wall hanging (approximately measuring 40" x 40") with a border and all.

I really need to get that quilt finished that is on the frame right now. I call it a sunburned zebra in the barn. It is black & white & red set in the barn-raising pattern. It is cute, but I just haven't the inspiration to finish quilting it. I just need to dive into it this weekend so I can put another top on the frame to quilt that one. And so the cycle goes. I have so many tops to quilt.

I think I will tie the quilt top I made for Amanda's graduation from college. And then there's Brandon's quilt I am making for his graduation...I was in a Batik Bento Box swap and I need to sew those boogers together to make his quilt top. Nice colors for a guy-quilt!

see ya..Piece!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Inspiration from quilting buddies

Last night I went to my quilting "class". It isn't so much of a class now as a get together of a few quilting buddies going over ideas and sharing new projects with each other. It started out as an actual class offered by the adult education department but has now turned into a time of getting together with friends.

I really enjoy the time I get to spend with my "quilting buddies". I can talk about a fat quarter or a paper piecing block that drove me crazy and it can be appreciated by those that I am talking to. Whenever I try to tell my husband or sons the frustrations I am having with a particular block I get a blank look from them. I was told that all they hear is "blah blah blah blah....Jeff....blah blah blah...Hans....etc"

Last night there was no sewing but I did get inspiration from my quilt buddies. One woman, Pat, brought in her quilted (but not bound) quilt of hand-dyed fabrics. She calls it her Easter egg quilt because the colors resemble the Easter eggs she made a couple of weeks before we dyed this fabric in the class. Just stunning. Now what am I going to do with all my hand-dyed fabric? I think I will just hold onto it a little longer so I can enjoy how pretty they all are.


see ya...piece!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The challenge continues...

Last night I made the effort to continue with the challenge of 20 minutes a day. I finished two blocks; then I had to undo some of the sewing because I wasn't paying attention and I sewed some of the squares on upside down. YIKES! Then I re-sewed the block correctly!

I finished writing the monthly newsletter for the local quilt guild, Piecemakers-by-the-Sea. Tonight I have a class (quilting class) so I don't know if I will get any sewing done, but I know I will be discussing quilting for at least an hour!! That should count for something, eh?

see ya....piece!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

20 minutes turn into 45!

Last night while my dear husband took Myka, our 11 month old "puppy" to the beach, I had time to do some quilting/sewing.

I sewed together some half square triangles (HST) for two blocks I am to send off to Sandra for winning the block lottery last month. I won in September, so I got to choose the block for October, the Weathervane. I love this block but it has a bunch of HST's!! I pledge 5 to send to the winner. Now to finish the rest of them!

I am also part of a Fat Eighth swap. We sent a F8 to each participant and in turn we received a F8 from each person in our group. Then we have a month to create a block from each of the F8's. I searched EQ5 for some blocks and printed them out then I cut out the fabric for Lola's last night. Corn & Beans is the pattern I chose. She sent in patriotic fabric. I should be able to cut out the rest tonight. Then sew them up by next week.

I also finished sewing the binding down on 1 pot holder and got half way through another pot holder. These are going to be Christmas presents.

WOW what a productive night, eh?

see ya - piece!


Monday, November 06, 2006

November challenge

Ok ladies...and men if you so dare take the challenge!

How about we dedicate at least 20 minutes of our hectic life to quilting every day for the month of November. I know it is already the 6th but if we work hard we can get some of those UFO's (unfinished objects) in our DONE pile!!

I would like to know the progress each of you makes during this month, so please email me and we can encourage each other during the month!!

I can post your pictures, too, if you like.

see ya...piece!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Quilting?? No, just piecing!

I still have a quilt on my frame that has been there for about 6 months. I started to quilt it but then we moved and I lost the umph to get it done! I really need to get it done so I can finish up some of the other quilt tops i have laying around. I think I have close to 15 tops laying around!! YIKES
With Christmas just a month and a half away I better get my toosh in gear and get these things quilted, eh?

I really think I am a "piecer" not a "quilter". I enjoy the piecing process much better than the quilting process. But then again, when I am actually quilting, I love the look of the quilts. And I especially love the feeling of getting them done! Then comes the sad part. I have only kept a couple of my quilts. I give them all away. Maybe that is why I don't want to finish them. I won't have them in my hands any longer if I give them away!!

That is a thought I never thought about before....hmmmm....

Anyway, I am wasting time here on the 'puter and not quilting, so, off I go. Hopefully to finish the quilt that is on the frame finally!! I will post pics once it is done!

see ya....piece!