Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New ways to say UFO

I overheard some women talking about their unfinished projects. One of the women said she was working on her PHD in quilting. That made my ears perk up a bit. I casually strolled over and joined in the conversation only to find that PHD in quilting is another way to say she has unfinished projects she is working on - Projects Half Done!!!

Another woman said she does not use scraps in her quilts but that she uses morsels of fabric. "Makes them sound more appealing" she explained.

What kind of saying do you like to use? My favorite is a PIG - projects in grocery bags.

Saying it differently does not change the fact that UFO's exist, especially in my house. I have finished two quilts recently! YAY for me! I am currently working on one more top that has been sitting around for a few years. Once the top is done I will get to quilting on another top. It is hard to quilt right now though. My mid-arm machine is in the shop getting fixed. I miss her....

Let me hear what you favorite sayings are!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding time to quilt...

Since I got laid off at my part-time job, I have been scrambling to find contract work doing bookkeeping for small companies the area.  I have contracted with a couple so far and am meeting with another one on Saturday.  This is cutting into my quilting time.  Once it gets all leveled out and I am not so high strung about making ends meet, I will again get to quilt at leisure.  Even if I get up early I am so wound up I can't relax enough to sew.  Poor me!

Keep the sewing machine on for when I come by your house to sew! ha ha

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Finished one!

I finished the Sunflower Sampler quilt.  I took a class about 10 years ago to learn how to quilt. I made this sampler with Sunflowers all over it.  I even bought black batting so the white stuff would not "beard" through and look funny.  Ten years later, I finally got it quilted and ready to wrap someone in a big hug!