Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Focus on Four

Now that Tuesday is here, I look at what I have to focus on. Some of you have mentioned "focus on four" and I really like this idea: Four projects to focus on at one time. O.K. So now I need to pick the four...Of course there is the Scrappy Crossroads (1) and the Sunflower Sampler (2).  The other two would be quilting the flag table topper (3) and hemming the drapes for the house (4).  This way I won't feel overwhelmed and start to panic when I read the list of all my UFO's!  Thank you for that great idea!  Once I get a project finished then I can take that project off and add another to the "focus on four" list.

Sunday, my daughter, Natasha (27 years old) is coming over so I can help her quilt the baby quilt she made for a friend of hers.  Quilt in a Day's Eleanor Burns has a method of making two quilts a t a time.  We used this method to make the quilts for Luna, the baby.  I make the "twin" to Natasha's quilt.  I hand quilted moons on it.  Here is the picture of my quilt.

Natasha wants to learn how to quilt, and she has some great ideas.  But, she is very busy with her own life. I was like that, too.  I waited until my youngest child was about 9 before I started seriously quilting.  I had some sewing experience from making clothes in high school.  Natasha does not have much sewing experience at all!  She didn't even take home economics!  I started teaching her to sew about 5 years ago.  She left her machine at my house so I know she is not practicing on the machine!  I think once the estate settlement is completed she can slow down enough to enjoy quilting. 

It would be so nice to have a daughter that I can go on shop hops with and share the ups & downs of a certain pattern...maybe that is what friends are for, not daughters.  And, I have some amazing "quilt-y" friends!! Especially when they tell me that I need to stay focused on the four projects at hand!

 close up the whole moon

close up of the crescent moon

close up of whole sun

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