Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buying pre cut fabric on ebay

Awhile back I thought it would help speed things up if I bought pre-cut fabric from people on eBay.  I bought two "kits" of the kaleidoscope pattern (see below for the "Egyptian" top), some pinwheels, and a Carpenter's Wheel.  It has been so long since I bought the last one that I forgot what the pattern looked like.  No picture or instructions were included with the pieces that were die-cut and labeled "E white" or "D floral".  See picture above. There are enough pieces for 12 blocks.

 This is what the carpenter's wheel block looks like.  There are so many half square triangle units! UGH!  This will take me a LONG time to put together. 

I might be able to use the "leaders and enders" method Bonnie Hunter describes on her website,  She has tons of ideas there...take a look at her site and you will be hooked on scrappy quilts like me!

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